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Home » Voz de Mando: Harmonizing Vision and Reality with KLC’s Custom Apparel Expertise

Voz de Mando: Harmonizing Vision and Reality with KLC’s Custom Apparel Expertise

In the heart of Los Angeles, California, a vibrant city known for its diverse culture and artistic spirit, one band has been making waves in the regional Mexican music scene since 2009 – Voz de Mando. Since their establishment, this norteño-banda ensemble has been a trailblazer in the industry, achieving milestones that extend beyond music.

Some of their hit songs include “Y Ahora Resulta”, “Muchacho de Campo”, “Gente de Arranque”, “Mente en Blanco” and “Comandos Del M.P (500 Balazos)” which appeared in the drama film A Better Life. In a pivotal moment in 2016, Voz de Mando secured their place in history by becoming the first regional Mexican band to obtain an iHeartRadio award for heir hit single “Levantando Polvadera”. An achievement that will go down in Voz de Mando history.

KLC’s reputation for turning ideas into striking, wearable realities drew Voz de Mando to collaborate with them on creating custom shirts. The excitement at KLC was palpable; the opportunity to work with a band of such significance was an honor. This collaboration presented an opportunity for KLC to merge their creative expertise with Voz de Mando’s unique vision.

The process began with the band’s initial concept. KLC, known for its ability to enhance ideas and bring creativity to life, embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Understanding the importance of capturing Voz de Mando’s identity, KLC made sure to gather all pinpoints to refine their vision and elevate it to new heights.

At KLC, making visions become realities is not just a tagline; it’s a mission. This collaboration with Voz de Mando exemplifies the company’s dedication to turning creative ideas into tangible, eye-catching products. KLC believes that every client, whether a world-renowned band or a local business, deserves the same level of commitment to excellence. And you can achieve that here at Kustom Life Co.